Band photo

Macuco Quintet

Allan Chase - alto, soprano, & baritone saxophones
Joel Springer - tenor & sopranino saxophones
Rick Stone - alto saxophone & clarinet
Fernando Huergo - bass
Austin McMahon - drums & melodica

Sketch of a Macuco

Ma⋅cu⋅co (ma ku' ko)

1. a street in Sao Paulo, Brazil, named after
2. a South American bird.

Macuco Quintet is

based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and was formed in
2014 by Joel Springer to play original compositions
& some by Hermeto Pascoal.

Macuco Quintet's music has been influenced by the
people, music, and nature of Brazil; 1970s modal jazz,
Haitian compas & Afro-Cuban music; composers Julius
Hemphill, Carla Bley, Sun Ra, and more.